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Grace Worship

Grace Worship ministers to an intergenerational congregation of worshippers through music and creative arts. We are privileged to have the opportunity to lead our people in live worship each Sunday as well as special events. As a staff, we don't see our volunteers as a mere means to the end of performing a great set but as disciple-makers who we invest in all week long. We want to see all generations of our church equipped with sound theology, Godly character, and excellence in skill to help lead others in the worship of Jesus locally and around the world. As part of a University/Family church, we recognize and cherish the unique opportunity to invest in the spiritual formation of college students. Join us as we seek to create opportunities for people to encounter God through worship. We are here to help people find and follow Jesus.


"Why We Sing" Series

Join us in worship as we focus on why we sing songs!

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Serve with Us

Worship Leader

Worship leaders lead congregational worship through their musicianship and shepherding, which includes singing, playing an instrument, and speaking. This position holds administrative duties such as set planning, communication, and leadership with bands, and collaboration with teaching pastors.


Vocalists help lead congregational worship with their vocal ability.


Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Keys, Violin, Viola, and Cello.

Core Values

Supremacy of Christ

God is the only One worthy of worship. The songs that we sing, the words that we speak, the art we create, and the response of our lives should be in accordance with the truth that Christ deserves all glory, honor, and praise.


Because Christ is worthy of our worship, we must be worshippers who point other people to Jesus and exhort them to worship Him. We exist as servant-leaders that lay down our lives for the sake of serving and loving Christ's Church.


We strive to be excellent in everything that we do because God is worthy of our best and so are His people.


We are committed to equipping the next generation of worshippers with knowledge, character, and skills that help them worship Jesus and serve His church.

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Worship Staff

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